A Master's Guide To Acting Part 1

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This documentary will give you insights on the reality of acting in the film industry: what to expect, how to succeed and understanding the job of an actor. Industry professionals explain the expectations, the casting room, agency relationships and the director’s perspective. You will also get inside knowledge about casting directors, getting seen, understanding the business side, finding an agent, understanding the agent’s job, and advice from working actors from craft, work ethic, research, handling the pressure, training, auditioning and being on set. It is informative and provides and inspiring look into acting for TV and film as a profession.

Interview list for Part 1 and 2:

Peter DeLuise: Actor/Director

Aaron Douglas: Actor, of Battlestar Galactica and The Bridge

Warren Christie: Actor, of The Resident, Motive and October Road

Christopher Shyer: Actor, of Madam Secretary and The Blacklist

Jaime Ray Newman: Actor, of Eureka and Eastwick; Oscar Winning Producer

Dale Dickey: Actor, of My Name is Earl, True Blood and Sons of Anarchy

Trina Allen: Talent Agent

Lena Lees: Talent Agent

Vickie Petronio: Talent Agent

Corinne Clark: Casting –A Million Little Things, A Dog’s Way Home, Dead Pool 2 and Once Upon a Time

Tyman Stewart: Talent Agent

Elena Kirschner: Talent Agent

Monika Schnarre: Actor, of BeastMaster, Charmed and The King of Queens

Richard Lucas: Talent Agent

Larry Goldhar: Talent Agent

Stuart Aikens: Casting Director

Deborah Odell: Actor, of Horsemen, Nikita and M.V.P.

Claudette Mink: Actor, of Harper’s Island and The Guard

Lauren Lee Smith: Actor, of The Shape of Water, The Listener and CSI

Maureen Webb: Casting Director

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A Master's Guide To Acting Part 1

0 ratings
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