A Master's Guide To Directing Part 1

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Part 1: Creative

Hear firsthand from working and award winning directors about the process of becoming a director, how to get started and how to do it well!

Learn what’s expected of you on a professional set, how to handle the hurdles, effectively working with actors, casting and crew; and learn about the director – producer relationship, why it’s important and what they need from you the director. Also, hear about the importance of storytelling; flow, story, narrative, character development and the director’s responsibility.

A great guide to becoming an effective working director in film and television.

Interview list for Part 1 and 2:

Ernie Barbarash: Director

David Winning: Award winning Director

Allan Harmon: Director

Chuck Bowman: Director

James Marshall: Executive Producer and Director on Smallville

Sebastian Spence: Actor

Corinne Clark: Casting Director

Rob Bowman: Director of Elektra and The X Files

Matthew Hastings: Producer and Director of Eureka

Peter DeLuise: Director

Terry Ingram: Director

C.J. Wallis: Director

Christopher Shyer: Actor

Nicholas McKenzie: Camera Op

Gregory Middleton: Award winning Cinematographer (Game of Thrones)

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A Master's Guide To Directing Part 1

0 ratings
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